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A Little About Me

Nanamo Marketing Consultancy is owned and run by me, Naomi. Nice to meet you.

Having worked in various industries since the age of 14, I began working in

Marketing full-time halfway through my Psychology Degree at the University of


Fast forward a few years and Nanamo came to be.

Why? Options for businesses needing marketing are limited.

... You try to do it yourself.

... You outsource to a Marketing Agency.

... You employ a specialist in each field, plus a Marketing Director to manage them.

... You don’t know where to start, so you err on the side of caution and don’t!

SEO, copywriting, social media, Google PPC, blogging, CRM systems... there are so many tools, so many areas of expertise and so many ways to flourish. Marketing is a minefield, you can’t be expected to know everything. You have your business, and my business is yours.

What you need is an addition to your team who can work with you to plan, implement and monitor your marketing strategy. Nanamo is your outsourced, ‘in-house’ marketing support, here to be part of the team, ensuring your business is getting the visibility and custom it truly deserves.

I offer bespoke packages and one-off consultations personally tailored to your business needs. Message me for a chat about how I can give you the support you need, where you need it.

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