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Locked Down, Looking Up

For a huge amount of businesses COVID-19 has caused either a complete or significant loss of trade, particularly in the case of customer facing industries. During this time remaining mindful of your brand and keeping in touch with your customers should be a vital component of your business resilience plan.

If competitors aren’t advertising, anything YOU do is more effective. If you can’t swing paid formats, there are ways to stay on top using free resources. Social media, your website and a Google MyBusiness listing are all excellent tools to help customers find you. Consumers are now operating almost exclusively in the online world and without an online presence you become invisible. At a minimum ensure you have customer facing platforms with your current opening hours and services.

Facebook and Instagram are notoriously tough on businesses however there are new FREE features to help you widen your reach including:

- Facebook Local Gift Cards: This feature puts participating local businesses in front of local consumers.

- Instagram Support Local Business Sticker: Adds your story to your local Support Local Story in front of local consumers.

- Instagram Deliveroo/Ubereats Sticker: Add to your story and consumers are taken directly to your order page.

- Instagram Geotags (existing feature): Adds your story to your local area story in front of local consumers.

It is important to post regularly on social media. You don’t need to be an expert, simply ensure your post meets 3 objectives:

- Is it relevant to your brand?

- Does it encourage interaction (poll, question, tag a friend)?

- Is there a call to action (Visit Website, Order Now)?

Top Tips: Get involved supporting your local community. Add interaction stickers to your Instagram stories. Use relevant hashtags. Do NOT use any COVID-19 related hashtags. Try promoting discounted vouchers or running giveaways for future bookings.

Plan ahead. At the very least, avoid unhappy customers with up to date information. At best, use this as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, grow your brand awareness and widen your audience to come back with a stronger brand than before!

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